Summer Lovin'

Monday, July 31, 2017

It seems as though I've only been writing boring blogs. So here is a summer update.

Wedding season was good to me! I was able to go to Georgia for Emily's wedding.

Isn't she a beautiful bride?? When I was a missionary at Southern, Emily was a nursing student! Then I became a nursing student, and I swear she evangelized me. (Can't you tell I'm no longer adjusted to the South?! Head sweating and everything.)

Jess graciously accepted my request to be my plus one! 

Margaret (on the left) was another one of my students at Southern... after graduation she became a missionary and now she's off to nursing school... sensing a theme here?  No clue why God brought us together to teach us about Jesus and how to love His people through nursing.  

I hadn't seen Margaret in two years! 

Margaret, Helen, and me after breakfast the day after the wedding. 

Margaret and I had a fancy coffee date where she asked about the undertones in the different roasts. She's the ultimate hipster. #goals

Helen in front of her family's new and developing home...  *swoon* 

Besides a Georgia wedding, I hit up a family friend's reception. I may have had a couple too many drinks which can be evidenced by my loud speaking, increased need for selfies, and my determination to stick up for my sister-in-law even when unnecessary. 

All these blurry photos. A few more years until Nick can drink with us! 

Family events remind me of how thankful I am for Brooklynn. 

Love this pic of James and me but it makes me want to trade my glasses for contacts. 

That crazy reception was just the break I needed from studying for my licensing exam.  Between starting a brand new dream job and studying for the biggest test of my life, I was definitely stressed. My parents took me to St. Louis on a Tuesday to take my exam. The exam can be anywhere from 75 to 265 questions and can take up to 6 hours, with the ability to pass or fail at any number. I took 75 questions in just 45 minutes (a typical pace for me) and felt sick to my stomach. 

That night I was able to go to adoration (Jesus not in this picture) and pray. 

Exactly 48 hours after testing I found out that I PASSED!! I literally almost threw up when I read my results, and I wept for thanksgiving and relief. 

My cousin Isaiah and me at his graduation party after we had BOTH passed our NCLEX! We have a lot of RNs in the family, and we are the two newest!

Apparently I did not do much fun in July because I don't have many pictures to show for it. I did switch to working nights, and I got certified in neonatal resuscitation (think advanced CPR for newborns).

My cousin and his wife had a sweet gender reveal and if you look closely you can see that blue paint.

So excited to welcome a little BOY to the family around Thanksgiving!

This weekend some sweet college friends came in from Kansas City to visit! We went to Hannibal and did touristy things, since they weren't very familiar with the area.

Alyson and Ceci are so sweet. Although I am NOT in love with this picture of myself, I love these women, and I want it remembered. 

A stranger seemingly graciously offered to take pictures of us, but they caught me moving my phone out of the way and perhaps attempting a certain hand gesture? Again, not crazy about me but it's the only pic with the four of us! 

Finally, one of my favorite parts of summer. My sweet garden has done well. Handfuls of tomatoes that I quickly gobble and more basil than I know what to do with. Simple joys. 

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