30430: A Detailed Update

Thursday, July 13, 2017

We're approaching almost three years since I made my "30430" (think 30-4-30) list. I thought I would bore you by going through and detailing successes and fails that I've made since then.

30 Before 30
  • pay off student loans
Now that I've graduated and acquired even more student loans, I'm finally hitting this one with full force. Luckily, I have best friend who gets way too excited about budgets so I'm living like no one else now so I can live like no one else later. 
  • take guitar lessons
I  started taking guitar lessons about a month ago! I'm learning my second song! It has been challenging but practicing helps me grow in discipline. Learning an instrument is growing parts of my brain I don't really use. 
  • graduate college round 2
Miraculously completed, on schedule, in May!
  • master a signature eye shadow look
I got a Naked palette a couple years ago and love it. 
  • get my BMI below 30
Further away from this one every day.
  • fall in love
And this one.
  • make a quilt 
Nope. Hoping to schedule a weekend with my aunt to convince her to teach me things. :) 
  • visit Yellowstone
Budgeted for to complete late next spring/early summer!!
  • go to an Auburn game (ideally with my friend Brittany!)
Was hoping to do this in the fall... we'll see what happens with my work schedule. 
  • become a morning person
I gave up on this because it turns out I like nights so so much better. 
  • run a marathon (I'm crazy. I know.)
Double no. 
  • move back to the South
Still on my wish list! Applied for a couple jobs in the South, but ended up staying in the Midwest (landed my dream job so no complaints!). I feel like it's going to be years before I'm experienced enough to move to new job. We'll see what happens. 
  • have visited at least 30 states (50 States before 50 goal)
Pretty sure this has been accomplished. Although I'd already driven through part of Texas, I loved my trip to El Paso last year. 
  • learn to drive a stick shift
  • be a godmother (again)
Hoping a normal patient will choose me for a best friend.
  • do a 30 day clean eating thing
Did the Whole 30 and I loved how it kicked my butt. Don't worry, I just finished a Mt. Dew slushie. 
  • master Helen's guac recipe
Completed this one a little over two years ago. Still hoping my future husband will someday try my guac and fall in love with me. 
  • learn to make iced coffee
Learned the Pioneer Woman's recipe a couple years ago! Now I go in spurts of drinking coffee or not drinking it entirely. Turns out I actually love energy drinks. The more you know.
  • scuba somewhere cool (ideally with Margaret and Emily)
Hasn't happened yet... 
  • acquire a colony of bees
Not yet, but my brother has bees so maybe he'll teach me everything my heart desires to know. 
  • take my family/brothers to Disney World
I have a feeling this will turn into a trip involving me, one of my brothers, and my sister-in-law
  • visit Maine in the fall with my Mom
maybe next year. 
  • grow a garden and start composting
Yes! Planted 8 tomato plants and 4 basil plants this summer and things are going great. 
  • finish reading the whole Bible
  • build a bookcase or some furniture
My dad and I built a white board that was 4 feet tall and 6 across so I feel good about crossing this one off the list. 
  • learn to change my oil and replace my brakes
Learned both of these. I'm convinced it's more expensive for me to change my own oil. To replace my brakes I would need a lot of fancy tools that I don't have. 
  • be able to do T25 without modifying
  • help someone have a baby (did I mention I'm crazy? #aspiringtobeL&Dnurse
I've seen a total of 18 deliveries since I made this list! I have held a couple legs :)
  • get really good at walking in heels (or find a pair of heels I can really walk in)
Payless wedges this winter for the win! Wore them alll day for a wedding and walked like a champ.
  • register at a parish
I did this a couple years ago but I'm considering switching to a different parish. Who knows. 

SO  it looks like I've achieved 14/30. Not a passing rate, but I have completed a lot!

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