Alleluia. He is Risen. His mercies are new.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Lent this year had me feeling like quiet the failure, with I think all of my resolutions broken. Instilling the fact that I really cannot do anything on my own. So I basically got the point, I think.

This week I've been working a lot. Heck, these past two years I've been working a lot in a field I never thought I could enjoy. I've seen tragic heartbreaks, and I've experienced them myself. I've given hugs and prayed with people. I've cried. I've gone home and cried and cried. I see people wondering if today will be the day they say goodbye to their loved ones. I've seen how desperate people are for love. I've seen how broken we are.

Last night someone said they didn't know how we nurses (including myself here prematurely) did it. The heartbreak and sorrow and sad cases we see everyday. I didn't know how to say how humbling and rewarding it is. How much it means to know I cared directly and upheld someone's dignity that day. I've been humbled in seeing the Gospel being reflected in my work. Holy Thursday I didn't make it to mass, but I did find myself kneeling before someone and washing feet. These are the quiet simple moments where I sense the Holy Spirit working most.

This morning I went to mass at 0800 straight from work. Yes on Easter Sunday I went to mass in my scrubs. After a long, productive, growth-filled night, that was the best I had to offer. Easter Sunday is what I cling to in the midst of the sadness and heartbreak. The promise of the Resurrection. The promise that life is not over. The promise that this is just the beginning.

I tried so so hard to stay awake during mass, and I brought forward all my intentions and thankful heart to the altar. Just before mass, I received a text that my dear friend and her husband had found out they were expecting. On Easter Sunday. The promise of new life. Not a life without struggle-we can look to the Cross and see that's not true. But how powerful is the Resurrection.

Jesus is truly alive.

Here are pictures I stole from my mom's Facebook. These are just some of the people who bring me joy and new life. Thank you, Jesus.

My sister-in-law and me. She keeps me sane. I love her. 

My sweet mama and me. She's far too good to me. 

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