She ran

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lately I've really been having a hard time understanding the Father's Love for us and encountering Him there.

Last week for Spring Break I went to Florida and then Georgia to visit friends. Jess and I drove to Georgia, and it was my first time being there for almost two years.

When we got there, we decided our old roommate, Helen, was possibly in the (locked) church office. We rang the doorbell and peered through the glass doors. By this point, I had experienced a 16-hour drive to Florida (solo) and then a 3ish hour drive to Georgia. Helen came into the hallway completely on the other end.

She saw us.

And she ran to us.

One of us made a comment about the Prodigal Son coming home.

I don't remember the door opening up, but I do remember Helen embracing Jess and me at the same time.

Another friend (Jessica) came over. Helen cooked us dinner (I am hoping she'll open a catering business or perhaps become my own personal chef in the future). It was so so good. I truly believe that she would've killed the fattened calf for us if she could have.

That salmon was probably the best I've ever had.

Jessica, Helen, and me (awkwardly snuggling)

The next day I spent almost 15 minutes meditating on that event. It's really beautiful when our stories mirror those of the Gospel. Maybe it's more beautiful when God gives me the grace to see that.

Helen didn't stop and ask me about the state of my soul or how often I had been praying or any number of things before welcoming me in and embracing me. Helen welcomed me in and cared for me and provided for my needs without me even asking. Without me having to worry. Without conditions being met.

Jess, Helen, and me on a late night walk. The azaleas were beautiful!

When God sees me He sees His daughter in the same way. As much as Helen knows me, God knows and loves me even more. He is excited for my future and knows my capabilities and loves me dearly just where I am. He knows how hard I am on myself and He knows how to be gentle with my critical self. He manifests His goodness and desires that I know and experience it. If God's gifts are this good, how much better must the Father be?

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