A little vacation...

Thursday, February 16, 2017

I was blessed to get out of the tri-state area for a few days. I spent time with all my best college friends and was able to spend some key time in prayer and reflection.

Unfortunately I still had a 10-page paper to trudge through before I was realllly free to chill. On the upside, this enabled me to visit a couple coffee shops in order to get away from my good friends.

Coffee and pastry from Post Coffee
This place was the definition of minimalism. I totally loved this sign. 

Blueberry lavender mocha was seriously magical.

This place is on point. Highly recommend if you're in the KC area!

It was in the 60's on Friday

Sweet little thing flying her kite
Miss Ceci with her Uncle Jon after mass. 
Spending time with my friends' little girl probably makes me sound crazy, but I really benefit so much from time with her. Seeing her loving dependence on her parents reminds me of the Father's great love and plan for my life. Her simple concern for my life is also precious to see and to sweet to experience. 

One night Ceci woke up in a frenzy worrying about her Aunt Katelyn and where was she and she missed her so much! I was on the other side of the room. :)

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