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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Last weekend I was in a wedding as a bridesmaid. I'm not trying to brag or anything, but this was actually my THIRD time being a bridesmaid during nursing school (not even two years), and my SIXTH time overall. So I'm basically a professional now. I thought I'd put together a list of the things that I see as important duties which may go unnoticed or forgotten.

Professional bridesmaid, at your service.
1. Plan to eat (and make others eat). I've taken the obligation of food on the wedding day, especially BEFORE the wedding, upon myself. A sandwich platter is a great and easy option to keep a bridal party from hypoglycemia. When my brother got married, we had planned food for the party bus after the wedding but not before. The bride said she was hungry, so I got on the phone and found someone to bring us cheap pizza. Eating pizza in her wedding dress was a memorable moment! The bridal party was so much happier afterwards.

I packed 3 of these in my day bag for the wedding day.
2. Do it or delegate downstream. What I mean is: if you need something done especially the day of the wedding, just do it. If you see a gap, fill it. If you can't drive to get pizza, find someone who can. BUT it has to be someone downstream, meaning, not the bride! or the groom! (okay, mayyyybe the groom depending on their responsibility level, haha), not the moms or the dads or anyone with a title. This takes stress off the family and still enables things to get done.

3. Bring booze (if appropriate) but don't be crazy. Mimosas as you get ready or a wedding party shot after the ceremony may be something fun to remember the day by! A recent wedding I was in had some fun groomsmen who invited us over for fireball shots before the wedding. It was a nice breather and everyone was sober walking down the aisle.

The groomsmen were also on baby duty.

4. Plan some alone time for the introvert in you. Weddings can be busy busy and I need some time away from other people's families and friends. This past wedding I got up about an hour before everyone else each day as some time for me to take a breather, creep on instagram, and process things by myself.

5. Go with the ~fLoW~. This is probably the hardest for me unless I have had a cocktail or ten. But wedding weekend I really try to put on my happy-go-lucky big girl pants and just go with the flow. I plan to drive or get an uber or do whatever I need to do to get from one location to the next. Take pictures, wear a sweater than doesn't fit, run around in heels! I'll do it! Be an hour and a half behind? SURE! In the end, these are the things that make the best wedding memories.

My only photo in my T-Rex sweater.
The beauty of a wedding with the mass is the ability to offer my prayers and reception of the Eucharist for that couple. It is a sweet sweet usually quiet moment that I try to take advantage of. It's also basically a great wedding gift if you are still in college (again) and are too lazy/broke to get a real present.

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