Whole30 Update

Sunday, July 19, 2015

It's DAY 7!! I made it through the first week!

And it was a doozy.

On Monday night (my day 1), a huge storm came through, wiped out power and trees, and put our city in a state of emergency.

Tuesday my classes were canceled and I still didn't have power.

Wednesday my clinicals were canceled and I still didn't have power.

Whole30 with no power was, what shall we say, challenging. I imagine camping would be challenging, but maybe less so. Life without power was not chosen by me, and I was hoping it would come back on and save my food in the fridge.

Instead I ate eggs at the hospital, and I ate out with my parents a couple times. Usually just doing a baked potato (plain or with mustard) or steamed broccoli and some sort of steak.

Thursday morning I found out I had power, and I got to start cooking again on Friday! It was THE BEST! I'm so excited to have my kitchen back and my fridge stocked full of healthy options.

Despite the storm, I didn't cave! Not one bite! Or lick of the finger. Even in the hotel room with my mom and brothers with nutella and swiss cake rolls. I made it.

I even found some almond milk yesterday that is Whole30 approved.  Today I think I'll put some in chai tea. YUM YUM.

I'm almost a third of the way in, and every day I don't want to quit, because if I do I'll have to start allll over.

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