Sunday, July 26, 2015

This weekend I should've been studying for finals, and instead I went to Kansas City.


Okay, I was going on a date? A meeting? Hanging out with friends? I'm not sure what you call these things nowadays, but I ended up calling it a double date. With my friends Aly and Dom, parents of the sweet baby above.

The date? Wellll we won't really get into that here, but basically I'm realizing I'm a really "intense" person (this has been a realization over the past year), and I think that affects a lot of my life and relationships. But I don't really know how to rein it in yet (because that's who I am) or how much I even want to rein it in because...well, I've been working hard on learning to LIKE ME. So.

The more interesting part of the weekend was how encouraged I felt leaving. Post-formal-missionary life has been difficult for me (as we all know). Since school has started I've done a great job of taking care of myself physically, but not spiritually. The irony that I'm a former campus mish turned college student with a weak sauce prayer life is not lost on me. And I often feel confused about my life since I'm currently 25 and a sophomore in college (again!). My life feels weird and strange and unlike everyone I know.

I was so encouraged to be a fly on the wall at Alyson and Dominic's house and watch them take care of their little one, do family routines, pray together, and eat meals. I did normal stuff with Aly all day on Saturday and it was great. I heard snippets about how committed both she and her husband were to prayer. And I was encouraged. I was able to witness a couple radically living for Jesus Christ, in small normal everyday things and in big lifestyle family things. And it was beautiful. At one point I heard Aly say, "I just know that God loves us. And takes care of us. I'm not worried."

I'm so quick to forget and wonder and doubt and it was so encouraging to see my friends-real people-quietly working out their salvation with fear and trembling.

Also I really love being called Aunt Kate, taking selfies with that sweet little one, and teaching her tricks.

Whole30 Update

Sunday, July 19, 2015

It's DAY 7!! I made it through the first week!

And it was a doozy.

On Monday night (my day 1), a huge storm came through, wiped out power and trees, and put our city in a state of emergency.

Tuesday my classes were canceled and I still didn't have power.

Wednesday my clinicals were canceled and I still didn't have power.

Whole30 with no power was, what shall we say, challenging. I imagine camping would be challenging, but maybe less so. Life without power was not chosen by me, and I was hoping it would come back on and save my food in the fridge.

Instead I ate eggs at the hospital, and I ate out with my parents a couple times. Usually just doing a baked potato (plain or with mustard) or steamed broccoli and some sort of steak.

Thursday morning I found out I had power, and I got to start cooking again on Friday! It was THE BEST! I'm so excited to have my kitchen back and my fridge stocked full of healthy options.

Despite the storm, I didn't cave! Not one bite! Or lick of the finger. Even in the hotel room with my mom and brothers with nutella and swiss cake rolls. I made it.

I even found some almond milk yesterday that is Whole30 approved.  Today I think I'll put some in chai tea. YUM YUM.

I'm almost a third of the way in, and every day I don't want to quit, because if I do I'll have to start allll over.

The Whole30

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I'm starting the Whole30!

It's another item on my 30430..and although THIS food challenge in particular isn't listed, it's the one I was hoping I'd get to complete.

My first day (7/13) is...going... I'm mostly wondering if I've made a massive mistake and I'm thinking about all the things I want to eat in the cafeteria that I am *choosing* not to eat.

After working on my BMI goal and have mixed results, I'm excited to work on a goal that doesn't involve any counting-cals, carbs, or otherwise-and I'm excited to see how my body feels in a few weeks.

30B430: An Update

Monday, July 13, 2015

Well, my first year doing the 30430 is flying by.

And I have accomplished...close to nothing on my list.

I DID complete another item at the end of April/beginning of May:


I spent a week in Georgia, and I practiced Helen's recipe, with her on standby for limited questions. I played and tweaked and finally didn't know where to go. I brought her the guac (and maybe a chip?) and she said, "It's good, Kate. I wouldn't change it."

I DID IT!! Only 28 more items left on my list...