And Some Days You Want to Quit Nursing School...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Last week one of my classmates was having a rough day. She wasn't her normal bubbly self. She wasn't jumping in to class discussion. I could sense she was stressed. I just wasn't.

Tonight it all hit me. Yesterday, as I realized I have done homework every day for 4 weeks (maybe save 1 or 2 days that first week of class), I got so overwhelmed. Overwhelmed because there is no end in sight. Yes, the summer ends in about 4 weeks, but that is far far too far to think about right now.

Tomorrow I have a midterm, a presentation, and clinical prep paperwork. The paperwork should take about 4 hours. I'll be on campus from about 8a-7p.

I know lots and lots of other people have it worse and harder than I do.

But right now it is overwhelming.

I keep thinking about the long days I had as a missionary.

I keep thinking about the long long days I had in Slovakia. The days when we were on the bus at 6:30a. When a night of sleep on a mattress from Communist Czechoslovakia just didn't seem enough. Days when I didn't like breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Days when I longed for home. Days when I missed my teammates. Days when I missed my students. Days when I just wanted to go to mass in English. And maybe eat a salad.

I knew the only way out was through. There wasn't a solution through the hard days that didn't involve getting up and bracing them head-on.

And I don't think nursing school will be any different.

So I'll study another 30 minutes. I'll get up early and study some more. I'll make a big breakfast and bribe myself through the long day with coffee. I'll pray my scrubs miraculously dry overnight tonight.

I'll put one foot in front of the other.

The only way out is through.

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