Slovakia on My Mind

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Currently using my Slovakia backpack as my school backpack.

I took a very limited amount of items with me to Slovakia, so my backpack feels like a friend to me.

Currently in one pocket of my bag:
-2 sleeping masks
-3 rosaries
-one power cord for my computer (post-mission addition)
-one power cord for my camera
-one pair of headphones

I miss Slovakia.

30 for 30: An Update

Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's been almost 6 months since my 30 for 30 made its world debut.

Theoretically, 30 things in 5 years would be equivalent to accomplishing one item every 2 months. Sooo I should have 3 items crossed off my list.

Annnnd I have one! I have one item! That's better than zero, right?

I really thought that my BMI would be the first item crossed off my list. I lost about 40 lbs from June to November so it seemed like I was right on track... and then I jumped off the bandwagon.

I made a commitment to really look for a parish (church) here in January. I had been attending a parish that celebrates the mass in Latin. And while I don't really understand everything, I enjoyed that it was reverent and that the focus was on Jesus. Confession available twice a day, everyday.

I had a bit of a falling out with my one friend here. And I met her at that parish. And since I'm a (not) very responsible and well-adjusted adult, I chose to deal with it by just going to a different parish.

I went and went and felt okay but never fully integrated.

And then a few weeks ago I renewed my consecration to Jesus through Mary, AKA, I re-committed myself to love Jesus in a deeper way and entrust myself to Him. I wanted to go to confession and mass after my 33 days of preparation. I went to the parish I had been avoiding for a couple months... and I surprisingly felt very at home. Throughout mass I just felt at peace...and somewhere deep within me I decided and knew: this is where I belong.

I spent many months hemming and hawing over choosing a parish home. How do I find a place I fit in? How do I find a parish that is faithful to Church teaching, loves Jesus, and is docile to the Holy Spirit? How do I find believers that are striving to share their faith and read and listen to Hillsong?

Well the answer is easy: I don't know.

I'm not convinced that the perfect parish is out there. We are all growing.

At the end of the day, I found a place where people love Jesus and want to follow Him more closely. Do I feel like I totally fit in? No.

But I feel at home.