Sunday, November 16, 2014

Last year my hometown had one of its worst winters. It snowed and snowed and got colder and colder. Every time I talked to my parents the boys were out of school for snow. Meanwhile, I was enjoying a long long beautiful Georgia spring and told them their stories of snow made me want to stay in the South.

One of my biggest fears moving back to the Midwest has been weather related. Snow, cold, feeling cooped up, and those days where the sun hides behind the clouds loomed over me.

We got our first little bit of snow last night. We had had flurries before then, but this morning it was enough to cover my windshield.

And I have to admit, I was kind of excited last night as I watched the snow fall.

It's fun to see the world look new, covered in white. I get motivated to sit and crochet and snuggle and want to watch movies or read and read and read. I am reminded by the seasons of life (something I really missed in Florida). Sometimes life feels like winter.

Right now I'm enjoying wearing scarves and sweaters, but I know that will probably fade. I've only got about three weeks left of classes, and I'm so excited!! Next semester I'll just be working--no classes until, God willing, I get into nursing school. I'm looking forward to crocheting, reading, praying, and working out in ways my schedule hasn't been allowing, as my time "off" has been time to study.

I'm surprised with myself, and I'm thankful. I'm hesitant to admit it, but it's true: I'm enjoying winter.

Clean your life

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My senior year of college over Christmas break I remember being so stressed and sick (bronchitis) and feeling like my life was out of control.

I drove back to school and cleaned my house.
I met with my spiritual director and went to confession.

I called my mom and she said, "You just needed to clean your house and your life."

And sometimes I have days like that.
Yesterday that led to me taking a 2 hour nap at a dear friend's apartment (God bless you. forever and always).
Today I woke up early and cleaned and drank tea and cleaned and painted my toenails and cleaned and went to confession.

And I have a clean room and a clean soul and a clean life.

I'm so thankful.