College Reunion

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Anticipating that this was going to be my last free weekend in a while, I texted one of my college besties and invited myself over for the weekend. I hadn't see her since Christmas. And I hadn't seen her boyfriend in...a year??  I don't know. I've been out of the loop!

On the way I stopped in Columbia and had lunch with a dear friend and FOCUS Missionary, Levi! It's always a blessing to catch up. I don't think I had seen him in a year since I was sick for Student Leadership Summit this year.

Saturday I had a special surprise. Anna and Jon arranged for our friends Dominic and Alyson to come to town and bring their sweet baby girl I was aching to meet. It was the first time the four of us college friends were together in almost three years.

I think C and I are great to finally meet this pretty little lady.

Of course, I was also excited to see Katie and hear about her new jobby job and grownup life. I was thankful that all of us were able to talk about our lives now and not revert to talking about memories from college the whole time. I saw that I have grown a lot in the couple years that I have been away, but I really like who I am now.

The band is back together!

I felt like I talked about Georgia the whole time, and as I explained my roommates and my team to Anna, I realized how close I was to them and how much I considered them my family (I know, we're weird). Thinking about the end-of-the-day chats, post-meeting-new-people updates, and family rosaries that I'm no longer a part of made me realize that yes, this is actually a big transition in my life. And it's okay that it is a hard transition. I'm not being ridiculous-things are very different in my life, and it's okay to miss those beautiful things.

I'm thankful for friends, old and new, and to be plugged back in!

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