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Thursday, September 25, 2014

SOOO as I may or may not have mentioned I'm working now and I really love it.

I think work is good for us, although we're not meant to be working all the time.

Working in a fast-paced environment (our store just opened yesterday, so things be a good way) has pointed out to me something my more slow-moving environment lets me forget: I need quiet.

I've been better about not binging on Netflix this week! So proud of myself!

When I get in my car to/from work or even class, I've found myself more apt to turn off the radio.

When I get in the car after a long day, I can feel it in me: I need to pray.

 I also am juggling my work schedule and my school schedule... In a way more intensely than I did in college round 1. (Not mad about the lack of working 3-6a so far this round). It didn't go as well as I would've liked this week (we'll see what my exam scores say next week), but I have a better idea about my life and skedge now.

Working lets me talk to people and give them food and try to make them happy.

That's something I don't get hanging out in my room watching TV or surfing the webby web.

WELLLLL I guess I'll sign off. I get to sleep in until 9a tomorrow (SO THANKFUL-I've been making college round 1 mistakes thinking I'll get up at 6a to study... Lies).

I hope you get some quiet in your life. Or some human contact.

If anyone out there reads this.

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