You mean I can't wear sandals all year?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Today I had to find some flats at the Walmart.

Because apparently my wardrobe is NOT lab-friendly (I'm actually not too mad about it).

My Southern-missionary wardrobe is comprised mainly of sandals, as far as the shoe department is concerned. Black strappy dress sandals, brown dress sandals, a pair of Birks, a pair of Chacos, a pair of Tevas...I also have a pair of heels and a pair of tennis shoes (for hitting up the gym with students).

In the "winter"? In Florida I wore sandals. Or some Toms. In Georgia I got to wear boots. Or Toms. Which I wore out, so they are gone.

I had a pair of old tennis shoes...they were the only shoes I took to Slovakia this summer. After 3 weeks of wearing only tennis shoes, my toes were so happy to be free in sandals (and the tennis shoes were happy to hit the dumpster).

For lab I needed closed-toe shoes...and I just can't rock the soccer-mom-tennis-shoe look yet. As much as I'd like some, Toms aren't especially budget-friendly so knock-offs from the Walmart it is!

God is teaching me humility.

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