I've Become THAT Person in Your Class.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

After I transferred schools, I ended up having a lot of non-traditional students in my major-specific classes. And I loved it! Those women were so sweet and reminded me of my mom when I was far from home. They were kind and encouraging, and I admired them for going to school while trying to raise their kids well. They were juggling schedules in ways I could never imagine. And while I'm sure it was hard on them and their families, they knew it was a short-term sacrifice that would help the family long-term.

And then sometimes I would have a non-traditional student or two in my class who was clueless about anything technology related.


I had to hold off on turning in a paper in my lab today because I DIDN'T KNOW MY EMAIL ADDRESS.

I went to the library on campus, and I had to write down my login and password because I can't remember it. And then in my class I looked at my little sheet and thought, "Well, maybe my login is my email...but I'm not sure..."

It was. I've become that person.


I'm also in denial that I'm a student because today I used my old kombucha jar to make cold brew coffee and I made imitation Starbucks syrup.


Also today I remembered winter is a thing here and I almost cried.

The End.

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